Widgets (moire.widgets)

The package with the widgets and UI components.

You may use widgets package as a shortcut to the following classes.

Descriptive List (moire.widgets.dlist)

The module with a two-column param-value list.

class moire.widgets.dlist.DescriptiveList(fields, item_width, item_height=25, **kwargs)

Bases: object

The widget representing key-value descriptive list.

Initially, values are empty, but could be changed at runtime like:

my_list = DescriptiveList(['Foo', 'Bar'], 200, 200)
# ...sometimes later
my_list['Foo'] = '235'
  • fields – A list of field names, to be shown at the left column in bold font. This will also be keys for values access.
  • item_width – The width of the item in inner units.
  • item_height – The height of the item in inner units.

Panel Base (moire.widgets.panel)

Module with the base Panel class.

class moire.widgets.panel.PanelWidget(**kwargs)

Bases: object

The implementation of the base panel widget.

Other widgets could be inherited from Panel in order to get the standard visual decoration and show/hide transitions.


Redraw panel on the canvas.


Toggle show/hide the panel with its contents.

System Info (moire.widgets.sysinfo)

Module for widget with system info.

class moire.widgets.sysinfo.NumericProperty

Bases: object

class moire.widgets.sysinfo.SystemInfoWidget(**kwargs)

Bases: moire.widgets.panel.PanelWidget

Build-in widget showing system info.

The fields are:

Current frames per second speed (for GUI).
Current steps per second speed (for simulation).
How many steps are skipped each frame.
Global timestep counter.
fps = <NumericProperty object>

Desired frame rate