Installation Instructions

Moire is built upon Kivy framework, it is the main dependency for its core functionality. Also, you need NumPy in order to run examples and tests.


This page currently containing instructions only for Debian-like systems. If you are on other system, you still can use links to pre-requisites in order to install them. If so, please contact us by opening an issue on GitHub. We could help you if you’ll meet some troubles during installation, and also your experience could be used to improve this document.


  • Python 3.5+

    Your distribution should already have all you need:

    $ sudo apt-get install python3 python3-dev python3-pip wheel
  • Kivy

Its pre-requisites could be installed by:

$ sudo apt-get install \
  build-essential \
  git \
  ffmpeg \
  libsdl2-dev \
  libsdl2-image-dev \
  libsdl2-mixer-dev \
  libsdl2-ttf-dev \
  libportmidi-dev \
  libswscale-dev \
  libavformat-dev \
  libavcodec-dev \

Then, to install stable Kivy:

$ pip3 install Cython==0.25 Kivy==1.10.0

On latest Debian distributions you can meet conflicts with libsdl-mixer. Then, try to install latest developer version, like:

$ pip3 install Cython==0.27.3 git\+

Main package

Moire package could be installed with:

$ pip3 install moire

Note, it does not depends on pre-requisites described above, but you still need to install them properly, or Moire will not run.

Run Moire examples

In order to run Noise TV environment with Moire:

$ pip3 install numpy
$ pip3 install moire
$ wget
$ python3

Run tests

In order to run Moire tests:

$ git clone
$ cd moire/tests
$ ./